AADL: 30 Days of Clay – Food

What is 30 Days of Clay: Food?
Each day for the month of July, we’ll demonstrate how to make a small foodstuff with just a bit of clay. Each video will show you the different parts of the clay food broken down into separate pieces, then how all those pieces are combined to make the final creation.

What Supplies Do I Need?
We’re using polymer clay—any brand will do—Fimo, Sculpey, Premo, or some craft stores have their own brand. A little clay goes a long way! A variety pack like this should be enough to make most if not all of the 30 proects, if you’re making them the same size we are and if you’re comfortable mixing colors or getting creative with your colors.

How Big Are These Clay Creations?
Most of our clay foods are about the size of a dime.

Clay foods the size of a dime

What If I Want to Bake My Clay After I Make Something?
If you want to bake these clay creations to turn them into hard plastic figures, you’ll want to stick with polymer clay and follow your clay’s baking instructions. If you just want to have fun sculpting, you can try other clays or doughs.

Please Share Your Clay Creations with Us!
Share your clay creativity with us—we’d love to see them! Tag us on Twitter (@aadl) or Instagram (@aadlgram).

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30 days of clay: FOOD