AAPS: Entire Clague & Scarlett staffs virtually greet students & families

By Jo Mathis/AAPS District News

Days before the all-virtual start to the school year, the Clague and Scarlett middle school communities have been able to meet the entire staff from the comfort of home.

When Clague principals Che Carter and Jen Daddow asked teacher Dianna Hochella to oversee the creation of the school-wide Flipgrid project, she was happy to do so.

“I thought it was an awesome way to connect virtually with our school community,” says Hochella, who teaches choir and world drumming. “Students can check their schedules and then click on all the teachers they will have this year. Our teachers were so creative in their messages and seeing our staff on the grid just shows off how awesome we are as a collective team.”

“It takes all of us to make Clague go! We hope our students have fun clicking on the staff videos to learn a little more about us and we hope it gets the families excited for the new school year.”

Soon, Scarlett Assistant Principal Jaye Peterson saw what Clague had done, and helped create the Scarlett edition. Seventh grade Language and Literature teacher Muneer Khalid helped teach her how to do a Flipgrid, and then linked it all together.

“We have not ever done a meet and greet prior to school so this was a great way to get everyone out there on camera,” Peterson says.

Click here to see the Clague video, and here to see Scarlett’s.