AAPS: Goal of Let’s Play is simple – fresh air and fun

By Jo Mathis/AAPS District News Editor

AAPS students gathered Wednesday at Allen Elementary for a one-time free event in which they learned new techniques and played quick rounds of soccer, kickball, and disc golf.

Ann Arbor Rec & Ed staff leads the activities for the Let’s Play program that runs at elementary schools throughout the district through Dec. 16.

Weather permitting, Let’s Play! will take place at Carpenter, Lakewood, and Lawton this Saturday, Dec. 12. Although those events are filled up, there are a few openings in the middle school program, Stay Active Stay Fit at Forsythe Middle School.
The last Let’s Play for the year is Wednesday, Dec. 16 at Bach, Haisley, and Pattengill. Although Bach is full, there are still openings at Haisley and Pattengill.

Families can find more information here, where there are other free online classes to explore as well.