AAPS offers virtual options for elementary school-aged children in 2021

In addition to full-time five days a week in-person instruction at all Ann Arbor Public Schools campuses, the AAPS is pleased to offer synchronous live and asynchronous independent virtual school options this fall for elementary school students in grades K-5. The virtual programs are available for all students who live in the AAPS attendance area, and  families who live outside of the AAPS may enroll via the schools of choice option through June 30.

The virtual options through the A2 Virtual Village are opportunities designed to meet the needs of AAPS families, and are offered in response to those families who have shared concerns about returning to in-person instruction before children under the age of 12 are eligible for a COVID vaccine. The virtual options also support families who found the virtual learning models a better fit for their children during the 2020-21 school year.

AAPS continues to offer the asynchronous A2 Virtual Elementary Learning that allows students and families to learn at their own pace and at the times that work best for them. For the 2021-22 school year, AAPS is now also offering A2 Live Online for families who have requested a virtual option with students in an online classroom in real-time with other students. Both options in the A2 Virtual Village have students learning from highly qualified AAPS teachers.

As part of the commitment to meeting the needs of the whole child in the AAPS, students in both programs will have social-emotional learning opportunities. A2 Virtual Village Principal Robin Kocher says, “We know that we want our students, whether they are with us in person or are a part of an online learning community, to feel that they are part of our school community; they are connected.”

Kocher says the A2 Live Online daily schedule is similar to the daily schedule for students learning in-person and includes time away from the computer screen. “It has literacy, math, science and social studies. We have built in specials and, of course, the important morning meeting and closing circle time that’s part of the community building. But you will also notice an intervention and enrichment block when we are focused on deepening instruction.  It is a time when students who need some additional support may get it, so they are not missing new or critical work, or this might be a time for children to do enrichment extension and explore work on passion projects.”

More information about the A2 Virtual Village is available through this video of a community information session on the program.