AAPS: School Supply Kit Distribution begins next week

Every AAPS student will receive a school supply kit containing the basic supplies they need for the school year. These kits are being distributed at the student’s school on specific dates and times (see below).
  • For A2 Virtual students please pick up your kit at your “home” school.
  • All preschool students should pick up their kits at the Westerman Preschool.
  • The supplies come in a handy storage box.
When you pick up your kit please remember to bring any library and text books, from last year. You will receive new books, workbooks and other handouts like the 6th grade PLTW kits.
Musical instruments  should be returned if the student is no longer enrolled in orchestra or band, has a broken instrument or needs a new size of instrument. Instrument distribution will occur in October after they are fixed and cleaned.
Art supply kits for preschool, elementary and middle school art classes will be distributed in October. High schools and 1st quarter 6th grade exploratory art supplies will be distributed by each school. Look for an update soon.