AAPS Superintendent Jeanice Swift Update for Feb. 4

Update From Jeanice K. Swift, Superintendent of Schools

We are excited to move forward during this February and look forward to welcoming our students and staff for in-school learning together on Monday, February 7th. (In the earlier email this accidentially said February 4th.)

​​To get a quick glimpse into one of our schools, check out two minutes at King Elementary, one in our series sharing insights into the tremendous work going on in our AAPS schools this fall. You may also enjoy this recent Exceptional Teacher profile highlighting JD Benison, 3rd-grade teacher at Burns Park.

The priority in the AAPS continues: our students and staff, healthy and learning together in school. Our students, staff, parents and families are working together to take the necessary steps – universal masking, vaccination and boosters, and it is always important to remain home when exhibiting symptoms – to support and preserve critical in-school learning time.

~Superintendent Update Highlights~

  • Our AAPS school plan features layers of protection against transmission of COVID-19; we understand that this is the best way to keep our students and staff learning together in school.
  • The weekly AAPS COVID-19 Case Dashboard, updated today, shows 119 cases reported this week. By MDHHS requirement, these cases represent those individuals who were on a school campus during their infectious period.
  • Vaccination status continues to matter for all staff and students ages 5-18. Our AAPS COVID Response Team continues to closely monitor and work through case situations, particularly in approximately six schools where we have observed groups of cases emerging this week.
  • Quarantine Learning Program (QLP): When students need to miss classes, the AAPS QLP is available to support them. QLP learning facilitators provide live instructional support for students K-12 who are out of school for short-term illness.  Students and parents wishing to learn more about the QLP may do so here.
  • Home Test Kits: We continue to offer drive-thru distribution opportunities for free home COVID test kits AAPS received from the MDHHS Backpack Program. Request your COVID Home Test Kits Here, then stop by a Pick-Up Event below to pick up your test kits. Anyone who receives a test MUST complete a pre- and post-survey at bit.ly/MIBackpack.
    • Tues, Feb, 8 4:15-6:00pm: Clague Middle School
    • Weds, Feb 9 4:15-6:00pm: Scarlett Middle School

You may request up to 4 kits for a total of 8 tests. Questions? Please email shoren@a2schools.org

~ This concludes the summary/ highlights of the Superintendent Weekly Update 

More in-depth weekly update information follows below ~ 

Black History Month Observance Activities, 2022

In the AAPS, we celebrate Black History, honoring the central role of African Americans in U.S. History in our classrooms as well as within each school community year-round and with particular focus during February. We are delighted to share highlights from the many activities as students, teachers, leaders and the community continue to observe this special month.

Highlights from Pioneer High School: Black History Month Celebrations

For the month of February, the BSU Student group will publish posters, slide shows, TikTok videos and alum profiles throughout the building and on social media.

The Pioneer team shares that their objective is to focus on unsung and little-known heroes whose sacrifices and stances help progress the movements for equity and equality for African-Americans and others who have been marginalized in the United States and globally. They will highlight Fred Hampton, Marsha P. Johnson, Audre Lorde, Fannie Lou Hammer, Dorothy Height, Claudette Colvin, James Forman and Bayard Rustin, just to name a few. They will also take a deeper look into the GI Bill, the New Deal and other government policies that helped shape the wealth distribution we see today.

February also marks the beginning of: “BSU Reads: Read and Represent” program. Our members will record themselves reading books from BIPOC authors and illustrators for children ages 4-10. We will share those videos with a few elementary schools in an effort to inspire reading through representation. In sharing these readings, Pioneer students make a perfect segue from Black History Month to March Is Reading Month.

February Transitions Activities: 

As we begin February, we are excited about upcoming transition events across our schools: Kindergarten round-ups to welcome the Class of 2035, 6th-grade and 9th-grade orientations are occurring across our AAPS campuses, with all schools hosting exciting virtual events during February. All schools are also excitedly planning for parent and community engagement with AAPS NAAPID virtual events on Monday, February 14th.

Student Intervention and Support Services (SISS): The SISS team will present at the AAPAC Meeting on Monday, February 7th.  The topic will be Change of Level-What to Expect and will include several building principals to answer parent questions. The purpose of this presentation is to share with parents what they and their child will experience as they change levels: PK to elementary, elementary to middle school, middle school to high school and high school to young adult. The SISS team will share an overview of the process, then address the particulars present at each level.  More information on the meeting is available here.

Community Education and Recreation Update

  • The winter session of youth and adult lifelong learning classes is underway. There are about 900 K-5 students enrolled in after-school classes.
  • The MSUE “Jump Into Food and Fitness” program started on Jan. 22 as part of the Pittsfield Extended Day aftercare Program. This free program will run on Tuesdays through Feb. 22.
  • Rec & Ed is hiring for several positions in the Extended Day Program and Team Sports.
  • You may access information about AAPS Rec & Ed programs here:

We continue to make solid progress together. Thank you for all the steps you are taking every day to support our students, staff, families and the Ann Arbor Public Schools community.