AAPS Superintendent Jeanice Swift Update for June 3

Update From Jeanice K. Swift, Superintendent of Schools

Hello AAPS Community,

We appreciate all the hard work of our students, staff and parents during this 2021-2022 year, and we are focused forward on a strong wrap-up to this school year over the coming week. It is an exciting time with end-of-year events in progress.

You may enjoy this video, Two Minutes at Abbot, as one in a series offering a quick glimpse into Ann Arbor Public Schools, where our vision is Every Child. Every Day.

To remain current on happenings in the AAPS, you may see the latest in AAPS News stories from the week here

We Honor the Class of 2022

Over the last week, we have celebrated the Class of 2022 with commencement ceremonies for Pioneer High School, Pathways to Success Academic Campus and Ann Arbor Adult Education, and Huron High School. Tonight we will celebrate Community High School’s Class of 2022 at their commencement ceremony, and the grand finale to AAPS graduation comes on Monday with the Skyline High School commencement ceremony. We have photos, videos, and stories from commencement ceremonies here.

By the time the last Skyline graduate crosses the stage, approximately 1,500 Ann Arbor Public Schools students will have achieved the milestone of high school graduation and join a long tradition as AAPS alumni. The Class of 2022 has shown resilience, courage, determination and creativity in finishing high school despite the additional challenges the COVID-19 pandemic placed before them.

We also celebrate and honor the teachers, support staff and leaders, parents, families, friends and the entire Ann Arbor community that have offered assistance, encouragement and so much more during these years as students progressed from preschool through 12th grade.

Congratulations and Best Wishes, Class of 2022!

Weekly COVID Update

We have updated the AAPS COVID-19 Case Dashboard today, reporting 163 cases this week; we are coming down some in the case levels, which mirrors the county trend, though we continue to observe clusters across schools in the district. The cases reported represent those individuals who were on a school campus during their infectious period.

Washtenaw County continues at ‘High’ level of COVID community transmission, and the CDC recommends everyone wear a mask in indoor public locations.

Keeping symptomatic students at home, using school-based and home testing and universal masking have all helped limit the spread in our buildings. The most recent statement regarding universal masking, which continues in the AAPS through the end of the school year, can be read here.

Thank you for all you do every day to support our beautiful students and staff, families and this wonderful Ann Arbor Public Schools community.