AAPS Supt. Jeanice K. Swift thanks voters for their “vote of confidence”

Superintendent of Schools Jeanice K. Swift thanked Ann Arbor voters for approving a $1 Billion 2019 Capitol Bond during Tuesday’s special election. “We want to thank you for your vote of confidence in the Ann Arbor Public Schools 2019 Capitol Bond vote yesterday,” Swift said in a statement released by the District.

More than 24,000 voters turned out to vote on the AAPS 2019 Bond, and a majority (53 percent) supported the proposal to provide ongoing investment in Ann Arbor public school properties over the coming decades.

Swift said their current students, as well as future generations of students, will benefit from the outcome of this affirmative vote.

We appreciate the support of our community in approving a much-needed infusion of resources dedicated explicitly for repair and restoration, re-envisioning, safety enhancements and responsible environmental stewardship of our 32 physical school buildings and properties, as well as continued replacement of technology and equipment,” she said.

As a reminder, Swift said the work to invest in AA schools with the 2019 Bond is informed by community input and framed around the following four AAPS goals:

– Teaching & Learning – continue the tradition of academic excellence in updated classrooms

– Health, Safety & Well-Being – ensure a focus on the development of the whole child by providing a safe and healthy school environment

– Sustainable & Environmentally Responsible Infrastructure – create resilient schools for climate change and reduce the carbon footprint of AAPS schools

– Efficient & Effective Support Systems & Services – continue consistent replacement and renewal of musical instruments, technology, transportation and school furniture

Swift added that every dollar of these additional resources will be invested directly into the schools, and regular detailed reports will be shared publicly with the community on the use of the 2019 Bond funds for school building improvements.

“Make no mistake, we have heard and understand the concerns and tensions around teacher and staff compensation,” Swift said. “We will continue to fight in Lansing, advocating for the necessary changes in Michigan education funding critical to enhancing general fund dollars for investment in daily operations. Thankfully, the passage of this bond helps to protect precious general fund dollars.”

Swift said they “are excited to begin the process of implementing much-needed school improvement projects at every school.”

They will soon be inviting students, teachers and staff, parents and community members to provide input and participate during the process of planning for the next steps of important school improvement work. As plans are discussed and developed, they will consistently share public updates on progress with the community.

“Quality public schools remain a fundamental bedrock of a successful democracy and are an outcome of strong, successful communities,” Swift said. “Safe, efficient and well-maintained schools are a clear indicator of the health and vibrancy of a community. We are grateful that with this vote, the Ann Arbor community has affirmed this priority.”