AAPS: Welcome, third graders! Spring 2021 hybrid learning format takes another step

By Jo Mathis/AAPS District News Editor

The next step in AAPS’ gradual return to hybrid learning took place today as third graders returned to their buildings for the first time this school year. Meanwhile, some of their classmates attended school virtually, and many of those “Zoomies” will become “roomies” tomorrow, which will facilitate social distancing.

Pattengill third grade teacher Lori Moizio said she was experiencing jitters that felt a lot like the first day of school in September.

“I’m so excited to see some of the students in person and still continue to build our classroom community even with the Zoomies and the roomies,” she said. “I love being in the classroom. It’s my second home. And I’m just excited to see the students’ faces as they walk through the door and see where our classroom is and where our learning takes place.”

Allen Elementary third grade teacher Indigo Lee teaches her Zoomies and roomies on the first day back in the building.

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Pattengill Principal Taneia Giles escorts third graders to their classrooms.

MAIN PHOTO: Pattengill Principal Taneia Giles greets third graders on their first day back to the building Monday.