AAWC Profile: Sarah Ball helping others take care of themselves – the right way

The road of life features many turns, off-ramps and choices that goes to determining a person’s worth, happiness and dreams. Sarah Ball switched lanes just before she turned 40 years.

“My own personal journal began as I approached the BIG 4-0,” says Ball, a member of the Ann Arbor Wellness Coalition. “Something about turning 40 made me reevaluate my life and career and ask, ‘Am I living life to its fullest, taking one day at a time, and connecting to food, wellness and the greater world positively?’”

Ball took some time to journey inward and figure it out!

A dietitian by training, Ball is passionate about changing her world and environment to make it healthier and safer for her and her family. She is also passionate about helping others do the same, while respecting each individual’s lifestyle and needs.

“As a mom of two, budding entrepreneur and self-proclaimed health nerd, I wear many hats,” she says. “I’ve always believed in the healing power of food; however, as I moved through my career, had children and increased my responsibilities, that positive connection began to wane. I decided I needed to rekindle that to see it all as a source of energy and pleasure, not stress and anxiety. At the same time, I discovered that I wanted a connection to something bigger.”

After moving to Ann Arbor seven years ago, Ball took a job with the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health Department of Nutritional Sciences and now works as the assistant dietetic internship director.

“I love working to mentor and educate budding dietitians and further my profession by training the next generation,” she says.

In addition to her work at U-M, Ball also is an independent consultant with Beautycounter, an amazing skincare and beauty brand looking to revolutionize the beauty industry to make it safer for everyone.

“I educate people about the importance of choosing safer personal care products, all while selling a highly effective, safe product line and helping other women work this business too,” she says. “As a dietitian, my passion has always been to empower people to make choices that better serve their health, so that they can look and feel their best from the inside out. Beautycounter allows me to build on this by helping people work and feel their best from the outside, at the same time making a social impact.”

Ball says, “Beautycounter has given me that and so much more. The freedom I feel by combining my job, business and passion, allows me to take great care of myself because I want to, not because I should.”

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