Ann Arbor e-bike Discount Program is Growing

​The City of Ann Arbor electric bike (e-bike) discount program is expanding! In July, Ann Arbor Office of Sustainability and Innovations (OSI) launched a partnership program with Human Electric Hybrids to offer discounts on two e-bike models. OSI is now excited to announce that the program is expanding with the addition of Arbor Vacuum as a partner.

Arbor Vacuum, a local small-appliance vendor, has been selling IZIP e-bikes at their Carpenter Road location for over five years. Arbor Vacuums carries a line of IZIP e-bikes including commuter bikes, mountain bikes and cruisers. Because of their commitment to Ann Arbor’s sustainability goals, all e-bikes sold by Arbor Vacuum will now be discounted by $100 below their lowest listed price.

E-bike discounts are standing offers. Consumers who purchase a discounted model from a participating vendor need only mention the e-bike discount program at the point of sale to ensure the discount is applied.

This program is part of the city’s A2ZERO efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. Nearly 20% of all community greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector, which, Sustainability and Innovations Manager Missy Stults says, is why one primary strategy in A2ZERO is reducing transportation-related emissions. “Decreasing reliance on fossil-fuel powered vehicles, increasing use of public transit and increasing micro-mobility options, including making it easier for people to walk and bike, are tools that can help achieve significant emissions reductions in the transportation sector,” Stults said.

OSI continues to partner with local vendors to expand this program to include both more e-bike options as well as traditional bicycles. Learn about the program, participating vendors, discounted products, and ways to partner at