Ann Arbor Film Festival (AAFF) announces lineup for Off The Screen! series

Ann Arbor, MI—The Ann Arbor Film Festival (AAFF) is pleased to announce the lineup for the Off The Screen! series. Off The Screen! is an intermedia series featuring expanded cinema performances, installations, and educational salons to be held during the 58th AAFF (March 24-March 29, 2020) at various venues throughout Ann Arbor including: Ann Arbor Art Center, Michigan Theater, North Quad Space 2435, and U-M Hatcher Graduate Library Lobby. This series aims to foster meaningful conversations about the culture of the moving image.

Featured artists will showcase their work through performances, installations, and salons. Salon sessions include a variety of workshops, discussions, and demos pertaining to experimental art and film.


  • Cornered by Raquel Salvatella de Prada | Ann Arbor Art Center
  • Meatspace by Ian Haig | Ann Arbor Art Center
  • Moving Pictures by Bill Brown | Ann Arbor Art Center
  • An Undue Burden by Jex Blackmore | Ann Arbor Art Center
  • We Sustain Ourselves through the Histories of Our Ancestors by Alejandro T. Acierto | Ann Arbor Art Center
  • Absorbed Analogies by Noel Stupek | Michigan Theater
  • Memory Distrust by Sharon A. Mooney | Michigan Theater
  • Invisible Instruments by Matt Roberts and Terri Witek | Michigan Theater
  • Alice-XR: A Machine For Thinking by Claudia Hart | North Quad
  • Cross Talk: Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese Art Films and Documentaries by Guo Zhen, He Chengyao, He Yunchang, Wang Qingsong, and Xie Sichong | North Quad
  • The Fold: a Labyrinth by Alex M. Lee | North Quad
  • On The Move by Moving Image Makers Collective | North Quad
  • They Came Together to Perform Heroic Gestures (in the manner that was meaningful to them) by Gordon Winiemko | North Quad
  • Another Way of Looking at the World: Glimpses of the Ann Arbor Film Festival by Pat Olezsko | U-M Hatcher Graduate Library Lobby
  • Momentum by Zlatko Ćosić | The Circ Bar


  • Bitch, Thunder! Your Favorite All-Female Party Drumline | TUESDAY | Various times starting at 7pm | The Michigan Theater
  • Pat Oleszko Presents/Presence (presented with FIC 3) | WEDNESDAY | 7pm | Michigan Theater Main
  • her* hands and his shape by Sílvia das Fadas and Masha Godovannaya | WEDNESDAY | 9pm | Michigan Theater Main
  • The Sick Sense, part 2: The Seventh Sense by Brent Coughenour | WEDNESDAY | 9pm | Michigan Theater Main
  • Mud Season by Sean Clute and Otto Muller | THURSDAY | 3:30pm | Ann Arbor Art Center
  • Two Steps on the Water by Angelo Madsen Minax | THURSDAY | 7pm | Michigan Theater Main
  • Pat Oleszko Presents/Presence (presented with FIC 6) | THURSDAY | 9pm | Michigan Theater Main
  • Emotions in Metal by Tommy Becker | FRIDAY | 7pm | Michigan Theater Main
  • Pat Oleszko Presents/Presence (presented with FIC 9) | FRIDAY | 9pm | Michigan Theater Main
  • A Concise History of American Progress by Kit Young | FRIDAY | 11pm | Club Above
  • Pat Oleszko Presents/Presence (presented with FIC 13) | SATURDAY| 7pm | Michigan Theater Main
  • Spectral Landscape by Luis Macias | SATURDAY | 9pm | Michigan Theater Main
  • David Olson with BLJC Musicians | SATURDAY | 11pm | Blue Llama Jazz Club
  • Works on White bySpOp (Marit Shalem) and Badgewearer (Tony Kennedy) | SUNDAY | 9pm | Babs’ Underground

Salon Sessions 

  • Film Art Forum: A dozen six-minute presentations by film artists | WEDNESDAY | 3pm-5pm | North Quad Space 2435
  • Seed&Spark: Crowdfunding to Build Independence | FRIDAY |10:30am – 12pm | North Quad Space 2435
  • Cross Talk: Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese Art Films/Documentaries | FRIDAY | 3pm-5pm| North Quad Space 2435
  • Inside Out: Film as a Medium for the Exploration of Experiences of Mental Illness | SATURDAY | 10am-11:30am | North Quad Space 2435
  • Pickle Fort Collective LOOPS Workshop | SATURDAY | 12pm-2pm | North Quad Space 2435
  • What the Hell Was That? moderated by Daniel Herbert | SUNDAY | 10:30am – 12pm | North Quad Space 2435


  • North Quad Space 2435 installations, VR, and 3D by AAFF artists and students Reception | TUESDAY | 3–5pm | video
  • Exhibition of work by AAFF artists with a performance by Sean Clute and Otto Muller | THURSDAY | 3–5pm | Ann Arbor Art Center

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Off the Screen! performance images and Off the Screen! Installation images.

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Founded in 1963, the Ann Arbor Film Festival is the oldest independent and experimental film festival in North America and is internationally recognized as a premier forum for film as an art form. The AAFF typically receives nearly 3,000 film submissions a year from more than 70 countries, and the festival serves as one of a handful of Academy Award–qualifying festivals in the United States. The AAFF is also a pioneer of the traveling film festival tour. Each year the touring programs visit more than 35 theaters, universities, museums, and micro cinemas around the world. The 58th Ann Arbor Film Festival takes place March 24-29, 2020. For more information, please visit, and be sure to join AAFF on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Vimeo.

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