Ask the Grand Master: WLAA presents Conversations with Keith Hafner

One of the top ranked schools out of the approximately 1,600 in the country, Keith Hafner’s Karate in downtown Ann Arbor has been visited by hundreds of martial arts school owners and black belt teachers who have traveled from all over the United States to study the Keith Hafner’s Karate teaching system.

Hafner, now a Martial Art Grand Master, became a Tae Kwon Do teacher shortly after graduating college and has never looked back.

“Everyone always accepted that the martial arts was a method of fighting and off of that came things such as courage, confidence, respect and discipline,” he said. “But what we did was flip that model and learn self-defense but do that to develop what’s really important which is courage, confidence and the focus. And to this day that’s what defines us and distinguishes us from everyone else.”

In his book, “How to Build a Rock Solid Kid,” Hafner breaks down the ways to help strengthen the bodies and minds of kids helping them to not only succeed but reach their full potential.

Hafner is sharing a few of his teaching/motivational videos with WeLoveAnnArbor.

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