Border-to-Border Trail Update: Includes M-52 tunnel video, Frog Island Groundbreaking

B2B Trail Construction Updates

Lyndon Township Trailhead – Construction at the trailhead is ongoing. Paving began in early June and will continue through early July, with completion anticipated in early August. We look forward to celebrating the opening later this summer!

M-52 Tunnel Project and Trail – The M-52 pedestrian tunnel has been installed and the road has reopened. Work continues on the impressive tunnel facade, interior and approach. 95% of the stone work within the tunnel has been completed. Restoration and the remaining brick paver work is about halfway complete. Corten Steel panels should be installed by late July.

Zeeb Road to West Delhi Trail Segment (Bridge over the Huron River) – Plans are being finalized for this segment. When permits are issued from Amtrak and EGLE (formally MDEQ) and plans are approved by MDOT, the project will be let out to bid, allowing construction to begin in 2021.

West Delhi thru East Delhi Trail Segment – WCPARC anticipates letting this project out to bid later this summer, with construction starting this fall and continuing into 2021. Completion is anticipated by mid-summer of 2021.

The Grove Road Trail Segments – Work on this project in the City of Ypsilanti will begin in early July and continue through August.

The North Grove Road and North Hydro Park Trail Segment – Construction on these two Ypsilanti Township trail segments is scheduled to get started in mid to late July, and is anticipated for completion by early September.

M-52 Tunnel Construction Video

Work on the B2B Trail pedestrian tunnel crossing under M-52 is nearing completion! We are excited to present a time-lapse video showing the tunnel construction that took place between May 4 and May 22. From excavation to repaving M-52, this video shows the incredible amount of work that took place to make this project happen. While a few weeks of construction remain, we will all be able to cross M-52 safely, and connect to the Pinckney and Waterloo Recreation Areas very soon. Thanks to all of the generous supporters who helped make this tunnel possible!

(Left to right: Bonnie Wessler (Ypsilanti), Coy Vaughn (WCPARC), Ricky Jefferson (Washtenaw County), Frances McMullan (Ypsilanti), Peter Sanderson (WCPARC), Bob Krzewinski (Friends of the B2B), Roy Townsend (WCPARC), Ron Akers (Ypsilanti)Frog Island Groundbreaking

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on Monday, June 22 to celebrate the start of construction on the Frog Island trail segment in Ypsilanti. Washtenaw County Parks & Rec Commission, HWPI, Ypsilanti city officials and supporters from the community gathered to mark the occasion. Reconstruction on this segment will include widening and repaving the main trail in addition to incorporating low retaining walls that will also provide seating. We look forward to celebrating the reopening of this trail segment later this summer!