Boys Cross Country: Pioneer third, Huron ninth at AA Run Co Hornet Early Bird Invite

The Ann Arbor Run Co Hornet Early Bird Invitational helps kick off the cross country season and several local teams lined up for the annual race on Thursday, Aug. 29 at Huron Meadows Park.

The Dexter Dreadnaughts, who are lined up for a big season, ran away with first place in the Gold Varsity Division finishing with 66 points. Pinckney was second with 116 points, just three better than Pioneer (119). Huron finished ninth (221) in the 15-team event that also included Saline, Plymouth and Fenton.

The Pioneers were led by sophomore Owen Johnson, who finished 11th overall with a time of 16 minutes, 42.45 seconds. Senior Owen Rennich was 12th in 16:50.91 and sophomore Henry Monte Sano was 19th in 17:03.39.

Here is the rest of the Pioneer finishers:

4.34.11Ben Jakabcsin 17:40.55 Ann Arbor Pioneer
5.43.10Matt Ruud 17:54.99 Ann Arbor Pioneer
6.44.12Axel Hiney 17:57.66 Ann Arbor Pioneer
7.62.11Kevin Dancey 18:27.75 Ann Arbor Pioneer
8.63.11Collin Melnykowycz 18:28.07 Ann Arbor Pioneer
9.64.11Garrett Kracht 18:31.03 Ann Arbor Pioneer
10.66.11Andrew Dodd 18:33.67 Ann Arbor Pioneer
11.78.11Tomiwa Adunbi 18:55.26 Ann Arbor Pioneer
12.104.10Jadon Sterken 19:26.56 Ann Arbor Pioneer

The River Rats were led by senior Karsin Dass who finished ninth overall in 16:37.36. Junior Peter Stenger was 25th in 17:21.44.

Here is the rest of the Huron finishers:

3.52.11Michael Hill-Carruthers 18:08.92 Ann Arbor Huron
4.69.11Evan Ridenour 18:37.34 Ann Arbor Huron
5.77.12Matthew Penoyar 18:53.11 Ann Arbor Huron
6.80.11Koen Van Nieuwstadt 18:56.79 Ann Arbor Huron

The Huron girls ran in the open race. Here are their results:

1. 4.9 Royce Smith 13:24.39 Ann Arbor Huron
2.5.9 Mia Solomon 13:44.07 Ann Arbor Huron
3.6.11 Sam Hastie13:51.38 Ann Arbor Huron
4.7.11 Verena Wu13:51.99 Ann Arbor Huron
5.10.12 Helena Helme14:05.68 Ann Arbor Huron
6.12.9 Rachel Overgaard14:44.26 Ann Arbor Huron
7.13.10 Mari Park 14:47.48 Ann Arbor Huron
8.15.9 Matilda Musser 14:57.82 Ann Arbor Huron
9.17.11 Zoe Solomon 15:19.67 Ann Arbor Huron
10.19.9 Emily Ma 15:33.35 Ann Arbor Huron
11.21.9 Martina Reading-Sunol 16:05.03 Ann Arbor Huron
12.23.9 Morelia Rosas-Martinez 16:17.58 Ann Arbor Huron
13.24.11Rita Seidl 16:30.79 Ann Arbor Huron
14.25.9 Natalie Muenz 16:34.50 Ann Arbor Huron
15.26.11 Kristina Dolgacheva 16:39.87 Ann Arbor Huron