Business Profile: D & B Strategic Marketing begins on Main Street – with success around every corner

There are a lot of famous dynamic duos, but when it comes to marketing and promotion and creating a “dynamic” business plan for clients in this area, one duo stands out – and it’s not Batman and Robin; but Batman and Batman.

Bridget Favre and Doris Galvin are an impressive duo the moment you meet them – the perfect combination of warmth and confidence and trust. Then, once you sit down with them and hear about their experiences, their background, their many successes, their own ambitions and their strategies in how they can help market your business or project, that confidence and trust takes off to a whole different level.

Favre and Galvin launched D&B Strategic Marketing in 2018 and they didn’t start out in the garage or the basement or in a back office behind a nail salon. It was one of those, “if you’re going to do it, do it right” situations. They found the perfect spot in downtown Chelsea – right on Main Street above Smokehouse 52 BBQ.

Marketing begins on Main Street so that’s exactly where D&B Strategic Marketing set up shop.

But it’s more about what they do than from where they do it and what they do is offer marketing, communications, event planning and strategy development all working together to form an effective and cohesive model that represents a unified message or plan.

“The process of reporting and analysis begins with a baseline assessment of a client’s current marketing efforts,” says Favre. “Once a new strategy has been developed and implemented, we monitor its performance to make sure we are turning the dial in the right direction.

“We also want businesses to become empowered when it comes to social media and how it integrates into their overall marketing plan.”

Favre, who received a B.A. in Studio Arts from Arizona State University, worked for small and mid-sized businesses in the area in different administrative and marketing capacities. She also has worked with many Chelsea nonprofits including Chelsea Area Festival & Events, Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce, Chelsea Area Players and American Legion Post 31.

Galvin has experience in diverse roles as an independent consultant for mature and start-up organizations and engagement with a variety of nonprofit boards, including Foote Hospital (Allegiance Health); Lake Superior State University; Chelsea Center for the Arts and Jackson United Way. She also has extensive experience in the energy industry in domestic and international markets.

Favre and Galvin were introduced to each other while working on the Chelsea Portrait Project in 2017. Before the “Mack building” became the home of Agricole, Joe Zilokowski and Abby Hurst, wanted to do something creative and community-oriented to kick off the construction project. Together with a group of local artists and educators, they collaborated to create a unique community project that merged art, diversity, and inclusivity.

After the project, Galvin approached Favre with the idea of starting a business together. They vetted their ideas with local business owners and community leaders and began building their business. 

“We wanted to create a consulting platform that empowers local businesses with the marketing tools they need to achieve their business objectives,” says Galvin. “Whether we create the marketing architecture from scratch, incorporate existing elements, or train clients to do it themselves, we design custom programs to help clients achieve their business goals.”

And each owner brings a little something different to the table.

Favre integrates her business background with her artistic education, giving her the ability to think outside the box while remaining attentive to the bottom line. Applying her experience in branding, public relations, and online marketing, she has proven success in helping small businesses and nonprofit organizations grow. 

Galvin has developed strategic plans for a variety of companies in a diverse set of markets and brings an approach that focuses on establishing priorities, timelines, metrics, and capacity assessment also coupled with an artistic background and approach to problem-solving. 

One of their mottos is “let’s connect,” and it’s not only about them connecting with a certain business or project, but connecting that business or project with the rest of the world. It’s about branding and strategy and creative and growth. The goal is to help clients make the promotion of themselves and their businesses front and center in what they do every day.

“We need to produce results,” Galvin says. “To understand how effective marketing efforts are, the results need to be measurable. One of the biggest challenges is identifying the most relevant and easily articulated measures that drive their business. Imparting a level of easily repeatable marketing habits and cutting through the abundance of ‘data’ and finding the best metrics for each client’s goals.”

Favre says D&B Strategic Marketing is “truly invested in our clients’ success.”

“Experiencing clients confidently use the marketing plan we developed with them is very rewarding,” she says. “Whomever the client, no matter the phase of brand evolution, the intent is the same – build and develop the identity, refine the message, and enhance their presence.

“The word ‘Strategic’ is in our name because we consider the long-term goals of our clients such as expanding their business, exploring new demographics, or creating a new brand – sustainability is a big factor. With a strategy in place, the actions or tactics needed to reach the goals can be set into motion.”

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