ChadTough Live: Tougher Together virtual event features Lloyd Carr, Dick Vitale, Brandon Inge, others

The ChadTough Foundation, with a mission to inspire and fund game-changing research to discover effective treatments for pediatric brain cancer with an emphasis on DIPG, announced this week they will host the first ever ChadTough Live: Tougher Together virtual event presented by The M Den.  The event will take place on Sunday, May 17th from 7-9pm EST and can be accessed at

The live streamed event will be hosted by CBS Sports Analyst Jay Feely, and include guests such as former University of Michigan Football Coach Lloyd Carr, ESPN basketball analyst Dick Vitale, columnist, author and radio host Mitch Albom, former Detroit Tiger Brandon Inge, New England Patriot Chase Winovich, and more.  The event will also feature doctors working on finding a cure for DIPG, the disease responsible for almost half of all pediatric brain cancer deaths, as well as families currently fighting this monster that has a less than 1% survival rate.  It will be an evening of stories from some of the foundation’s biggest supporters, as well as an opportunity to learn more about the devastating disease that took the life of five-year-old Chad Carr five years ago.

The date of the event is significant to The ChadTough Foundation for a number of reasons.  The annual Champions for Change Gala, which brings nearly 1000 people together to raise money for pediatric brain cancer and is the largest fundraiser for the foundation each year, was originally scheduled that weekend, but was cancelled due to COVID-19.  May 17th is DIPG Awareness Day – a day intended to raise public awareness of the deadliest form of pediatric brain cancer. It also marks the 16th birthday of brain cancer warrior Sophie Varney, who has been battling DIPG for the last 17 months. Lastly, May 17th is also the one year anniversary of 21 year old Jace Ward’s diagnosis.  He has bravely spent the last year fighting to raise awareness of the deadly disease.  Both of these families will take part in the event.

While most of the world has been put on pause, The ChadTough Foundation finds themselves in a particularly challenging spot. Its leaders know so many of their supporters are facing personal health and/or economic struggles. They know so many of the businesses that have supported them, especially the small businesses, are facing extreme hardships. But they also know kids continue to get diagnosed with DIPG during this global crisis, which means families continue to feel desperate for a successful treatment plan. The folks at ChadTough feel compelled to keep their promise to the children lost to DIPG to the best of their ability.  As much as they can, they will continue to inspire and fund game-changing research on DIPG.

“As we wait for an end to this pandemic, we still have DIPG kids currently fighting who are desperate for a cure, while other children are just being diagnosed. The world can’t completely stop for them. We must keep the research going. Our commitment to Chad and the rest of the DIPG angels keeps us focused on finding that cure,” said Tammi Carr, the mother of Chad Carr for whom the foundation is named. “Brain cancer is killing more kids than any other type of cancer, and it has to be stopped. We hope that for two hours on May 17th, these kids and their families can get our collective attention to help raise money toward the cure they all need.”