CTN Recap: Some of the top shows from last month still available for viewing

  • Ann Arbor Inclusive – From We Can’t to We Can, a nonprofit organization for children with special needs and disabilities creating books that feature kids with disabilities as superheroes. A portion of the proceed from the book goes to families in need (also includes super heartwarming video) WATCH
  • Ann Arbor Inclusive -Leader Dogs for the Blind, Leader Dogs for the Blind Deaf Blind Program, Sarah Duyck and Keith McGregor of The Deaf Blind Program at Leader Dogs discuss the history of the program, the training process, how to apply and how clients and dogs are matched. To learn more about our programs and services visit LeaderDog.org We are always in need of volunteers to raise our puppies. Learn more at LeaderDog.org/puppy WATCH
  • FYI, From Burns to Belize A Report on Ann Arbor Public Parks Authors, Maya Goldman & Ben Ratner, share how they created this popular report amongst residents and experience a new way of Biking in Ann Arbor. WATCH
  • FYI – Executive Director of Michigan Education Trust (MET), Robin Lott, expresses the importance of a college savings account, Monarchs in the Rough & the Dangers of Distracted Driving. WATCH
  • FYI – Jimena Lovelock & Molly Welch-Marahar tell us how It Is Possible with the Washtenaw County Opioid Education Campaign, get Knitty with Adoptable Cats at HSHV Tiny Lions Cat Café & learn the Facts on Distracted Driving. WATCH
  • Ward Talk Chip Smith, Ann Arbor City Councilmember from the 5th Ward. WATCH
  • CTN article on how they adapted video making during the pandemic READ
  • City of Ann Arbor’s Emergency Ordinance Requiring Face Masks & Limits Gatherings WATCH
  • Fall 2020 Candidate Forums READ