eBook from AA Spark: Ann Arbor’s Startup Ecosystem 101

From Ann Arbor Spark  

Ann Arbor is home to some of the fastest-growing companies in the Midwest, ranging from tech to healthcare to mobility — and people are starting to take notice. In 2019, Bloomberg identified Ann Arbor as a Top New U.S. Tech Hub

Supporting the hundreds of Ann Arbor-based entrepreneurs is a robust startup ecosystem comprised of the companies, people, and organizations helping startups succeed. This new ebook from Ann Arbor SPARK provides a quick introduction to the innovation-focused community thriving in Ann Arbor.

Check out our Ann Arbor Startup Ecosystem 101 ebook for an overview of what’s happening and how you can get involved. The ebook has info on:

  • Notable startup “exits”
  • Lists of startups in mobility, life science, and technology
  • Startups origin stories
  • Fast-growing companies profiles
  • Startup ecosystem partners and resources
  • Case studies
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