Ele’s Place Ann Arbor thanks supporters, updates programs and events

Dear Ele’s Place Ann Arbor Supporter,
YOU are not alone – WE are all in this together! For that, we share our heartfelt gratitude! We are grateful for our donors, sponsors, community board members and volunteers who continue to support Ele’s Place Ann Arbor while we support the grieving children, teens and families we serve.

Every day we receive notes of gratitude that boost our morale and feed our soul. Thank YOU and keep them coming! While we’d love to share them all, please feel the virtual warm hug from the sampling below.
“ Ele’s Place Ann Arbor is just so incredible, I have goose-bumps just writing this note. I carry the sentiment of the organization everywhere I go, talk about it to anyone I can, just so that the incredible mission can be more widely known to others. On top of this, I have been so blessed by meeting and getting to know all of you, the Ele’s Place family (the board, the staff, the volunteers). So precious, and so needed.”
~ Ele’s Place Ann Arbor Community Board Member
“ I appreciate this helpful gratitude page to remember things that are positive. It’s surely a strange world to have this communal grieving but also the beauty of communal solidarity. Thanks for valuing all of us the way you do. I still feel connected to Ele’s Place because of your heartfelt communications and for this I am very grateful indeed. Please take care.”
~ Ele’s Place Ann Arbor Volunteer
We are ALSO grateful for those on the front lines! Those who create and focus their energy to fight and contain this pandemic. Those who are on the FRONT LINE. EVERY. DAY. Thank YOU!
Who are you grateful for? What are you grateful for? Share with us!
We look forward to the day we are back in our Home for Healing Hearts – until then, know that we are  “virtually open” and supporting grieving families  in Ann Arbor and the surrounding southeast Michigan area, and that from time to time we will reach out to you to provide updates and share stories. For virtual program resource updates and fundraising event information, please check out the links below!
Until we are on the other side of this pandemic, we are grateful YOU are by our side! Together we will support those who need us most – perhaps now more than ever. Take care. Be safe. Be well.
With gratitude,
The Ele’s Place Ann Arbor Team

Inaugural Painting of the Ele’s Place Ann Arbor ROCK, Saturday, April 4, 2020.

  • PHONE & EMAIL: Ele’s Place Ann Arbor program staff are virtually present and available by phone and email for current families, new families and the community. If you need assistance, please contact our clinical program staff at 734-929-6640.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: On a daily basis, NEW grieving resources are posted on our Facebook and LinkedIn social media pages! SPECIAL…on Monday’s we share grief support activities that include links to activity worksheets. Please follow us on social media so you are aware of what is being shared:
  • Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ElesPlaceAnnArbor/
  • LinkedIn at http://linkedin.com/company/ele-s-place-ann-arbor
  • ACTIVITY VIDEO: Ele’s Place Home Activity Edition: Comfort Trees! Click on the YouTube link to watch our 3-minute video demonstrating an activity that we use in our grief support groups with children, teens and families. https://youtu.be/mRN8BZNHz9k
  • WEBSITE: There are many helpful bereavement resources available on our website at www.elesplace.org
  • DERBY DAY SOIRÉE: The 3rd Annual Derby Day Soirée fundraiser will take place on Saturday, September 5, 2020 to align with the rescheduled 146th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs.
  • To learn more about the event, purchase tickets or check out the volunteer opportunities, please visit https://www.elesplaceannarbor.org/