From U-M student: The best and worst decisions of my freshman year

By Yilin Yang

WLAA stumbled upon this very entertaining story by U-M student Yilin Yang. Here is a short excerpt.

Fall term classes begin on September 3, a little less than a month and a half from now. Incoming #Victors2023, freshman year approaches, and as you probably expect, it will be novel and challenging in ways that you may or may not anticipate.

Wolverines come from diverse backgrounds and pursue different fields of study, so I don’t believe there’s a fixed course that your freshman years are guaranteed to follow. But they also won’t be completely different; we’ll share some experiences, and for that reason, I think you might gain insight from learning the best and worst decisions that I made as a young and impressionable freshman.

GOOD: Going to class and sitting in the front row

Optional attendance is both good and bad: good, because it gives you more flexibility in managing your schedule, but also bad, because you won’t feel the effects of habitual truancy until they teleport behind you during the midterm exam.

BAD: Arriving to class late and having to sit in the back

Of course, if you arrive late, all of the best seats will most likely be taken and you will be forced to sit in the back row.

Michigan’s lecture halls can be large; on the few occasions when I made this mistake when taking Differential Equations, I was so far from the board that I resorted to using my smartphone camera as a telescope.