HWPI: Latest Border-to-Border Trail (B2B) Construction Updates

Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative (HWPI) volunteers are working with the Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission’s (WCPARC) Border-to-Border Trail (B2B) team, the Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC), and other state and local government agencies to develop new non-motorized trail segments. With the support of the entire community, these trail segments will ultimately complete the B2B throughout Washtenaw County and beyond.

North Hydro and North Grove trail segments in Ypsilanti – Construction began in early August with rapid progress that included the completion of grading, laying the stone base and completing the asphalt paving. Concrete and slope restoration work is scheduled for late August and early September, with the trail opening at that time.

Zeeb Road to Delhi Metropark trail segment – This trail segment begins at Zeeb Road and ends at the Delhi Metropark, continuing the B2B push toward Ann Arbor. Construction on the first half of this segment, the 1 mile of trail within the Delhi Metropark, will begin in September. Construction on the second half of this segment, from Zeeb Road to the Delhi Metropark, will begin in the spring of 2021.

The completed B2B will feature The Huron River Greenway with eight themed bridges spanning the Huron River between Ann Arbor and Dexter, and The Huron Waterloo Loop, a continuous 44-mile pathway passing through the Waterloo and Pinckney State Recreational Areas and including a portion of the existing Lakelands Trail. By connecting and showcasing our communities, the HWPI hopes to encourage healthy and active lifestyles, while also promoting economic development.

Millage Thank You

On August 4, 2020, the voters of Washtenaw County resoundingly approved a 4-year renewal of a 0.5-mil county-wide millage to continue upgrading major local roads and building the planned network of non-motorized trails. The Border-to-Border Trail is a huge part of that network.

80% of revenues produced by the millage will go to a specific list of local road projects, while the remaining 20% (about $8 million total over the four years) will be allocated to trail construction. Approximately $1 million will be dedicated annually for construction of the B2B!

Thanks to the voters of Washtenaw County, we fully expect to continue an exciting rate of progress over the next four years. This wouldn’t get done without you!