HWPI Volunteer of the Month: Corynn Myers

From Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative 

We would like to introduce our April Volunteer of the Month, Corynn Myers. Corynn is the Digital Marketing Manager in the central Marketing & Communications office at the University of Michigan. She has been in the field of marketing and communications her entire professional career and enjoys putting her skills to good use to support nonprofit causes she believes in.

Corynn was connected to HWPI through her network at the University of Michigan and instantly fell in love with the dedication, passion and mission of our organization. Corynn leads HWPI’s Communications Committee, and assists HWPI in the development of communications strategies and implementation of effective outreach to our supporters through social media, email and our website.

After four years of living in various states while her husband served in the U.S. Army, Corynn is excited to put down roots and become an active member of our southeast Michigan community. She looks forward to exploring local green spaces and new hiking trails with her two young children and her husband.

“We love having a trail and park right behind our house,” says Corynn. “In fact, it was one of the main reasons we decided to move to the area. That trail has been used countless times. It was where my daughter learned to ride her bike, where my son and I had our first walk together after he was born, where we take family pictures together every year and a place for my kids to run and play when our yard just isn’t enough. Every family and individual should have these types of experiences and memories and what a better way to be part of those memories than through HWPI.”