Jeff Daniels is putting his money where his heart is – his hometown theatre in Chelsea

The Purple Rose Theatre Company, like many businesses, is facing a challenging road ahead, a road that is completely dark at the moment. The goal now is to keep the light of hope on and have them shine bright once again when the curtain rises on life as we used to know it.

“As it stands, we are looking at a nearly $200,000 loss in ticket revenue and the remainder of our 29th season is uncertain,” according to a press release from the Purple Rose. “This has a devastating impact on our organization and our ability to deliver on our promises to our patrons and our artists.”

Jeff Daniels, the founder of the nationally recognized theatre, is offering to help sustain the Purple Rose through its dark time with a challenge to its many supporters and fans. He will match any gift dollar-for-dollar raised by April 30, 2020 (up to $20,000).

“Staring at the spreadsheets, it’s pretty clear this is going to be a hard year for The Purple Rose,” Daniels says on the Purple Rose website. “Until it’s safe for everyone, we’ve paused production on Carey Crim’s Paint Night, left the set half built, sent the actors home and put the crew on stand-by. While none of us know what to expect, it is our goal to make sure that when this is all over, the Purple Rose will pick up right where we left off, exactly the way you remember it.”


Please consider being a light in these dark times with a gift of any size.

In the meantime, keep your own light burning brightly inside of you. Take precautions and be safe. Envision the future where we can leave our homes for more than groceries and medicine. Remember what it’s like to dine out and enjoy a play… and when the world is ready to venture out again, we’ll be here for you.
We wish you all the best as we all navigate this new world together.