Living A Healthy Life: By Ann Arbor’s Dr. Sue McCreadie, MD

Do you ever feel life sticks post-it notes all over you? Preparing for a workshop I’m leading on 21st Century Health & Wealth, I stumbled upon the Top 5 Causes of Stress

  1. Job
  2. Money
  3. Health
  4. Relationships
  5. Poor Nutrition

Maybe you’re an achiever-type like me and deny stress, but have you experienced a lack of energy or fatigue? Been irritable or angry? Anxious or nervous? Depressed or tearful? Had muscle tension or headaches? Tummy troubles or heartburn? Difficulty falling or staying asleep? Food cravings or change in appetite? That’s your body’s response to stress! 

If you’re breathing and reading this, you experience stress.

I look at these top 5 causes of stress and see me:

  1. My job as a pediatric resident and chief resident
  2. Medical school debt to college savings
  3. Miscarriages to perimenopause
  4. Raising three children
  5. Changing my diet to fit my genetics and overcoming my nutritional shortcomings with supplementation (This is my favorite stress supplement.)

As a pediatric physician and wellness expert, I’ve been in the field of health (#3) and poor nutrition (#5) for nearly two decades. There’s a clear obstacle to health, and that’s wealth (#2). Health is an expense, and not everyone can afford it. 78% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck, and the cost of housing, healthcare, and higher education is rising faster than inflation. 

The 21st-Century wellness companies who provide proven solutions for the top 5 causes of stress will rise to be the most trusted and well respected in the industry.

The future of health lies in the wellness companies who provide revenue for the customer by living and sharing a healthy lifestyle. It’s a shift from paying someone else to help you get healthier, to paying yourself to help yourself and others get healthier and wealthier. 

  • Health becomes a win-win, instead of a win-loss.
  • Health becomes a source of revenue, not just a cost.

Apple changed the way we communicate. Google changed the way we access information. Amazon changed the way we shop. 21st-Century wellness companies are changing health into a wealth opportunity where together we can live happier healthier lives.

Join me Sunday for Women, Wellness & Wealth and learn a simple path to living your best life, fit, and financially free. You’ll connect with a tribe of wellness warriors, discover a new way to look at your health and wealth, and turn your massive to-do list into a fun action plan. Don’t miss out and definitely don’t be late! We start our fun on time! 


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