Living A Healthy Life: By Ann Arbor’s Dr. Sue McCreadie, MD

When I started my pediatric practice in 2002, I wanted to stop treating symptoms and help children resolve their root problem. But I quickly learned that food allergies and intolerances were only part of the picture because some children’s symptoms persisted despite eliminating reactive foods and eating a real food diet. I felt like I needed to dig deeper.

I started doing testing to assess a child’s need for antioxidants, B-vitamins, minerals, digestive support, and amino acids, and I was surprised how nutritionally depleted my patients were despite eating so much real food! This testing helped me create a solid plan for my patients and urged me to reflect on how my family falls short on nutrition daily from:

  • nutrient depleted soil
  • anti-nutrients that block absorption
  • lack of sunshine exposure, and
  • genetic predisposition to nutritional deficiencies

Supplementing nutritional shortcomings is a work in process for all three of our daughters, but my husband and I have a simple daily regimen and can feel the difference our energy, mood, and sleep. We call it our easy button for nutrition and supplementation…see article My Easy Button for Nutrition.

It’s a bumpy road helping your family achieve vibrant health naturally. I’ve learned compromise is essential for emotional well-being. Mama doesn’t always get her way: eat this, not that, take this supplement…and why can’t you just swallow a pill so I don’t have to struggle with sneaking this powder stuff into your food?!?! But I’ll never stop putting health top priority – despite the eye rolls from my children. There’s too much at stake and a happier healthier child makes parenting a bit easier.

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