Local transportation-related millages on November ballot

On this November’s General Election ballot, two millages will appear impacting Ann Arbor’s transportation infrastructure.

First is the 2020 Street, Bridge and Sidewalk Repair Millage. Since 1984, Ann Arbor residents have approved a street millage, which is the main funding source for improving and maintaining Ann Arbor’s roads, bridges, and sidewalks. Since 2012, this millage has:

  • Generated $94 million in revenue for transportation infrastructure.
  • Improved or repaired 300 miles of roads (including bike lanes).
  • Repaired 38 miles of sidewalk and replaced 20,000 sidewalk slabs.

The second millage is a new sidewalk construction millage. This millage is estimated to raise $1.3 million per year for the next six years. It will provide a dedicated funding source for filling sidewalk gaps that will be used to construct an estimated 5,000–6,500 feet of new sidewalks per year within the city of Ann Arbor.

Read the full language of both millages click HERE