Local veterans “recovering” from their March to End Alzheimer’s but still raising money towards goal

Tim Welbaum, a local combat veteran who marched 33 miles from the Visiting Angels in Adrian to the Ann Arbor Alzheimer’s Association’s Great Lakes Chapter to raise donations toward riding the world of Alzheimer’s, is a little sore but very proud of what his team accomplished on Saturday.

Welbaum, owner/director of Visiting Angels South Central Michigan which provides elder care services to families all over the area, and Scott Doney, who also is a combat veteran and is administrative director for Visiting Angels South Central Michigan, developed the “Vets March to End Alzheimer’s” Campaign.

Welbaum and Doney along with Brad Baker (Marines & Army); Josh Wood (Air Force); and Cody Dilyard (Army) went from Adrian to Ann Arbor – marching the 33 miles, military style while wearing 35-40 pound “Ruck Sacks” on their backs.

“The march went well,” says Welbaum. “It was painful and long, but the end state was accomplished and well worth the effort. We’re all still limping around, but I believe everyone should be fully recovered by the end of the week.”

The group has already raised more than $20,000.

“We have approximately 80 days remaining to collect the remaining $50k,” says Welbaum. “Most of our money was made after our march last year, so we’re hopeful we can do it again with the help of others.”

The local group is currently in first place among all 650 plus Visiting Angel’s franchisees.

After fundraising from countless street corners under the blazing sun, hosting numerous bake sales, cheer leading about the march at the fairgrounds, being invited to interview on various radio shows, telling our story in multiple media outlets, and ruck marching 33 miles, they raised $35,000 last year – the most of any franchise in the nation.

This year, they’ve doubled their fundraising goal to $70,000.