Locally produced film “Mine Then Yours” wraps up filming in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor  – Catalytic Art & Media has completed primary filming of Mine Then Yours, the debut film of 17-year-old Ann Arbor native Claire de Vries. The film is Catalytic’s latest project as part of its mission to create original media with local artists and to support up and coming talent.

The film follows high school senior Beth and her mother on a road trip as they visit a college campus, and as a misunderstanding undoes the mother’s best-laid plans. The film explores their changing relationship and related tension, as Beth fights to assert herself and her mother struggles with letting go.

“This film exemplifies our commitment to creating visionary original work by Michigan artists,” says Barton Bund, CEO of Catalytic. “We instantly loved that this is a women’s story, and couldn’t wait to take this project on. We’re incredibly excited about helping to launch such an extraordinary young talent.”

de Vries, a senior at Skyline HS who wrote and directs the film, also stars as Beth. The film is loosely based on Claire’s own experience with selecting and auditioning for colleges.  “This is such an intense time in life,” she notes.  “There’s so much pressure from adults to get into the “right” school while trying to take responsibility for your life and decisions. It seems like everything and everyone makes it more challenging, even your parents. I want to capture this intense experience, and bring out the love and absurdity at the heart of it.”

Profile: Skyline’s Claire de Vries has her dream in clear focus as she zooms in on first film

Catalytic brought together leading Michigan talent to support this project. Bund is serving as executive producer and providing direct mentoring support to de Vries.  In addition to his considerable film and television work, he has spent 20 years working in the theatre, directing productions for the Blackbird Theatre, Shakespeare West, Shakespeare Royal Oak, Michigan Opera Theatre.  His most previous project is film production is Line 5:  The Documentary, which explores the dangers of keeping the pipeline running.

Erika Hoveland came on board to play Beth’s mother. Hoveland is a producer and actor, with extensive experience on stage and in front of the camera. This is her second time playing de Vries’s mother, after playing Prospero to de Vries’s Miranda in this summer’s acclaimed production of The Tempest at Shakespeare Royal Oak. “After working with Claire this summer, it was clear that she has exceptional talent and focus. Her script perfectly illustrates this – a beautiful, nuanced story.  I was very happy to come on board and be her ‘mom’ again.”

Kyle Morgan, CEO for Morgan Studios, took a break from traveling the country as director and cinematographer for film and television to come on board as lead cinematographer. He flew back from filming music videos in LA for artists like Lil Wayne to help with the film. “This is such an awesome start for Claire. To take on a project like this at such a young age, and to really dedicate herself to learning every aspect takes so much courage. We’ve worked to create a really unique look for the film, and I can’t wait to see the final result.”

The film is now in editing, with a goal of release in early 2020.  For more information, to track the film’s progress or to learn more about supporting Catalytic, go HERE