Open Dialogue: Very Ann Arbor’s Friday radio show features Mayor Chris Taylor, Sheriff Clayton

WeLoveAnnArbor would like to welcome “Very Ann Arbor” to our wonderful city and share their exciting news and goals with all of our loyal readers.  

“Very Ann Arbor” is a touchless omni-media platform that brings together various local media sources and advertisements to share with Ann Arbor people the cool things that are happening in this special city.  The brand / concept was adopted from Very Detroit which stands for Social Justice for All.

Very Ann Arbor launched its web site on Monday and already has some exciting local content, including a feature on former U-M football defensive end Mario Ojemudia (HERE).

They also are launching a very important radio show this Friday (June 12) at 11 a.m. on 690 AM (WNZK). Very Ann Arbor will discuss the Black Lives Matter movement and how it applies to the City of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County.

Featured guests will include Ann Arbor Mayor Chris Taylor, Jerry Clayton (Washtenaw County Sheriff), Mahmoud Issa (Ann Arbor protest organizer), and Desirae Simmons (Director of Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice).

The discussion will include criminal justice reform, how the protests affect Ann Arbor, and racism both in the local area and in overall society. Join us as we promote open dialogue about racial injustice.