Pattengill chooses book for all-school read that was—surprise!—written by a Pattengill alum

By Jo Mathis/AAPS District News Editor

When the Pattengill Elementary Building Support Team got together to choose the one book that all 255 students would read as part of One School, One Book program, there were dozens from which to choose.

But Sarah Weeks‘ “Save Me a Seat” resonated with the team because it dealt with important topics such as friendship, bullying, making assumptions, and inclusion.

Then Building Literacy Expert Bernadette Swanson reached out to the author to see if there was any chance of a Skype visit.

There was. But even better was this news: Weeks is not only an Ann Arbor native but a former Pattengill Puma herself.

“I had no idea she was from Ann Arbor, let alone went to Pattengill,” Swanson said.

From her home in New York City Monday morning, Weeks Skyped with the students for about 30 minutes, answering their questions about writing, and recalling her days at Pattengill back in the 60’s.

Weeks got the biggest reaction when she recalled the fun of Friday square dancing and the only opportunity in the week to touch a boy.

A Pattengill student asks a question of author Sarah Weeks.

When the moaning died down, she said the knew they’d react that way.

“That’s my job as an author of writing books for kids like you,” she said. “I have to know what you care about. I also have to know what you think is funny.”

The purchase of the books come from the Karen Thomas Memorial Fund.