Profile: Retired AAPS Teacher/Principal Bob Galardi Continues to Help Others

Bob Galardi is what you might call a legend of an educator. 

Galardi is still known for his thirst to help others and his noble work history that spans more than three decades. He is recognized as someone who celebrates and cherishes all students.

Galardi passionately served the Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS) for 32 years. He worked as a middle school teacher at Claugue, Dean at Community High School, Executive Director of the Center for Advancement, Principal of Pioneer High School, Principal of Pattengill Elementary School, and Deputy Superintendent for Administrative Services.

He now also aids students in another district. 

“I continue to work with Project Healthy Schools to bring healthy eating and behaviors into schools,” described Galardi. “I am supporting their efforts with Detroit Schools. I also support schools who are involved in a specific approach to negotiations called Interest Based Bargaining.”

His efforts are connected to the University of Michigan School of Medicine.

“I’m a member of the Advisory Board of Project Healthy Schools through the Cardiovascular Center at U-M Medicine,” explained Galardi. “Our goal is to work with schools across the state to facilitate healthy lifestyles including healthy food choices. We have developed a course titled ‘The Science of Wellness,’ which is currently being offered to high school students at Skyline and at one of my schools in Detroit Medicine and Community Health at Cody.”

Galardi also elaborated on his duties as a pathways coach and educational consultant.

“I am working as a school coach, which means I help schools transform into College and Career Academies,” explained Galardi.  “That means the schools select a career pathway and we work to embed the instructional program into it. The hope is that by integrating school work into a career we can make it more interesting and relevant while maintaining rigor. We focus on providing students with hands-on experiences and projects for students that integrate the pathway and the traditional subjects together.”

Galardi also enjoys spending his free time in the dramatic arena.

“I have been involved in theater—I’ve been in over 20 of the Burns Park Players productions and have appeared in other productions from local theater groups,” stated Galardi.

In addition, Galardi has been involved in environmental pursuits, such as the Greenway Project, now called Treeline.

“I am no longer on the Treeline (note name change) Conservancy Board,” described Galardi. “I left the board when I was appointed to the Parks Advisory Commission. I was on the citizens committee that met last year that was part of developing a master plan.”

He also has strong roots in Ann Arbor.

“Both my parents are first generation with families from Italy,” Galardi explained. “My grandpa on my mom’s side came here from Italy. He was a tile setter and worked on many of the University (of Michigan) and privater buildings and homes in Ann Arbor.  From my grandma’s side, her name was Camelet and her uncles owned a very popular clothing store on South U called  Camelet Brothers.” 

Donna’s Story

Like Bob Galardi, I am a long-time educator as well. I earned my State of Michigan teaching certificate in 1990, so it has been nearly 30 years now since I officially became a teacher. I taught as a traditional classroom teacher for the Birmingham Public Schools, Dexter Community Schools, Oakland Community College, and Ann Arbor Public Schools. I taught as an online teacher for WAY Online Program, Edgenuity, Eastern Michigan/National Science Foundation, and currently am an online teacher for Clonlara. I have taught almost every subject imaginable including, but not limited to: mathematics, English/language arts, sciences, social sciences, and the arts. I have also developed curriculum and instructional design for many public and private organizations.

In addition, I firmly believe in life-long learning. After earning my undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where I graduated with honors and studied engineering, math, English, and education—I began formally teaching. For my graduate degrees, I earned a Master of Arts from Eastern Michigan University and a Master of Science in Mathematics Teaching and Learning from Drexel University. Currently, while working part-time, I am also earning a Ed.D. degree in curriculum and instruction, and just completed my Education Specialist degree.

My strong roots in the area are such that both sides of my grandparents are from Italy, and I have lived in Michigan my whole life. My grandparents were hard-working immigrants. My father was the first in our family to earn a college degree and become an electrical engineer for General Motors. My dad was also a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence. My family always put a huge importance on working hard, education, and helping others.