Promote your event/non-profit: CTN announces return of Soapbox TV

CTN is now booking slots, in-studio, for the long time running CTN Soapbox TV program!

CTN Soapbox is afree of charge, easy opportunity to promote your non-profit, upcoming events, or voice an opinion, on both CTN Channel 17 and CTN’s YouTube Channel. The first recording date is Friday, June 8, recording in 45 minute timeslots starting at 10 am – 2pm. The second recording date is Friday, July 8 from 10 am – 2pm.

To book your spot or for more details, please contact Melissa by email or phone, 734-794-6150

Bookings are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please note, when promoting an upcoming event, it must be a least eight(8) days out from the schedule recording date.

To view past programs click on the Soapbox playlist on CTN’s YouTube channelHERE

 Ann Arbor Residents and local non‐profits can promote an event or express an opinion.

 The segment is a topic of your choice, within CTN production requirements.

 You’ll have 30 minutes to record (without editing) a five minute segment.

 Bookings are first come, first serve. Organizations can only appear once every three (3) months. For more on air opportunities we encourage you to take our production workshops to create your own programs.

 Segments cannot promote commercial products or services, direct soliciting of funds, lottery information or contain defamatory, libel or obscene material.

 Copies are available on a flash drive in a Quicktime or MPEG format.

 All shows will be uploaded to and livestream on