Rowing: Learn the fundamentals of rowing at the Pioneer Crew Row-Along Regatta

Grab a friend and sign up to learn the fundamentals of rowing and row in an actual racing shell at the Pioneer Row Along Regatta on Sunday, Sept. 26 at Bandemere Park from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the 15th annual Ann Arbor Pioneer Crew Row-Along Regatta at the Ann Arbor Community Boathouse Argo Pond, Bandemer Park.

This community fundraiser helps benefit the Pioneer High School Crew Team and is a chance to learn the fundamentals of rowing from Pioneer coaches and row in an actual racing shell. Each 90-minute session includes a brief training and demonstration put on by the Pioneer team coaches and rowers before you hit the water in teams of 8 to experience the sport firsthand.

Spectators are welcome!

The lessons are $50 for adults and $35 for youngsters ages 13-14. Advance registration is required.

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