Seminar for health-care providers focuses on nutraceutical approach to optimal health

Dr. Andrew L. Rostenberg, DC, director of Red Mountain Natural Medicine in Boise, Idaho, and founder of BeyondMTHFR, will host a seminar for health-care practitioners alled “Beyond Hormones – A Nutraceutical Approach to Optimal Health & Genetic Expression.”

The six hour seminar will take place on Sunday, Sept. 29 at The Inn at St. Johns on Five Mile Road in Plymouth. The event, presented by Metagenics Midwest, is open only to health-care practitioners and their staff and anyone interested in attending is required to contact Susan Pontack R.N., a Senior Functional Medicine Consultant with Metagenics Midwest.

“He is simply brilliant and is the most requested speaker we have,” said Pontack, who also is a Certified First Line Therapy Lifestyle Educator and a member of the Ann Arbor Wellness Coalition. “People tell me they will travel anywhere just to hear him speak.”

Far from being a niche problem, hormone imbalances influence all patients – old, young, healthy, sick, male and female. Understanding how our genes, gut environment and nutritional status impacts sex hormone levels gives the clinician a powerful set of tools to ease suffering. Patients are seeking answers from providers who can connect the dots for them using natural medicine strategies.

“We will shed the light on how pollution in our environment and genetic traits we have inherited combine to increase our risk of hormone-related problems,” says Dr. Rostenberg, whose recent book “Your Genius Body” helps explain, in as simple a way as possible, how to overcome chronic health problems by optimizing your genetic expression. “Hormone problems aren’t just an issue for women, as every man, woman and child in America is dealing with the negative side effects of toxic estrogens. We will cover how to identify the symptoms of hormone-related problems and then cover what diet, lifestyle and nutritional advice is most effective at helping the body remove these health-destroying compounds.”

The seminar will be a 6-hour lecture on the threat posed by xenobiotics and hormone dominance/imbalance.

Learning objectives will include how pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, BPA and other xenobiotics are endocrine disruptors; how to support patients before, during and after pregnancy; basic overview of PCOS and infertility; and understanding the role of estrogen dominance in causing and perpetuating symptoms of PMS, anemia and endometriosis.

And because Dr. Rostenberg has a practice and is currently seeing patients, the seminar will be clinically relevant. This isn’t just theory, it’s clinically applicable.

To reserve a spot or for more information, contact Susan Pontack, RN at (586) 242-4131. Or email her @

Quote from previous Dr. Rostenberg attendees:

“ I learned more in the first 45 minutes than I had at the last several seminars I’ve attended” Patty S.