Simply: Local Health Coaching podcast heads into season 2

What do you do when the world feels like it’s spinning out of control? Start a podcast, of course!

At least that’s what We Love Ann Arbor health columnist and Integrative Nutrition® health coach Liza Baker did in March 2020 as the pandemic heated up in the States.

Liza, who has been writing the Healthy Choices column for WLA2 since April of 2018, is herself an avid podcast listener—“They’re a great way to dive into a lot of content while you walk, work out, drive, clean, cook, etc.!” And she recognizes that reading articles and blog posts online is not something everyone has time to do, so she dove into podcasting as another way to provide resources for those looking to simplify their health journey.

The Simply: Health Coaching Podcast launched in March 2020 with a series called “5 Days of Mental Hygiene,” which offers suggestions for staying healthy and safe during the pandemic, then went on to explore a number of health coaching topics during the first season with weekly solo episodes and a few special guests mixed in.

In December of 2021, Liza shifted both the format and the content of the podcast to focus more specifically on her coaching clients—women burning out in mission-driven work. Starting with season 2, she’ll be conducting podcast interviews with three types of guests:

  • Women sharing their stories of burnout in mission-driven work,
  • Conventional and alternative practitioners who serve them,
  • and with others whose lives intersect with them and their organizations, in particular with individuals looking to implement innovative ways to fund the holistic health and well-being of these women.

Liza’s vision is a world in which you can be well while doing good, and her mission is to give you the simple resources and practices and some helpful connections to get there—the Simply: Health Coaching Podcast is just one of those resources!

Interested in being featured on the podcast? You can find more details here.