Societe Indoor Cycling A Rewarding Experience For Boutique Fitness

Working out, by its very nature, can sometimes be a solitary exercise. But the folks at Societe Indoor Cycling have brought community into fitness. Hence, the French word societe is right there in its name.

Emblazoned on Societe’s website home page are the words “Fitness, Community, Together,” and owner/operator Greg Reid can’t talk very long about Societe Indoor Cycling without those three words cropping up.

“Fitness, community, together, that’s what it’s all about,” said Reid, 39, who learned all about the boutique style of fitness from his days in New York. “This is group fitness in a boutique setting at its finest.

“We take the traditional exercise of cycling and enhance it. We show clients where indoor cycling is going.”

Societe Indoor Cycling is located at 2121 Oak Valley Drive – inside the Ice Cube – in Ann Arbor.

The key word at Societe, of course, is fitness, but fun fits in there, too. The cycling classes offered are fun, engaging, diverse and appeal to all fitness, age and gender groups. Each class at Societe includes the latest cycling techniques, state-of-the-art technology and upbeat must that “brings fitness and community together,” according to Reid.

And why the French word Societe? France, of course, is the location of the Tour de France, cycling’s premier event.

“This is more than just another ride,” Reid said. “We believe that fitness, while challenging, can also be an enjoyable experience. We will challenge your lower and upper body while keeping you inspired through music, dance, metrics and innovation.”

It is a dual-studio experience at Societe Indoor Cycling’s 2,900-square-foot facility. One studio is filled with 24 brand new Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue Bikes. The other is devoted to other types of workouts such as yoga and Pilates, so cyclists engage in combination classes and get a full-body workout.

And, then there’s the no-impact aspect of cycling.

“You can’t get a better cardio workout, and if you have some sort of ailment, knee, hip, whatever, there’s no stress, no impact at all in cycling,” Reid said.

It’s a “feel-good” atmosphere at Societe. It is plush and upscale in appearance and atmosphere, and the staff is very member-friendly.  And there’s that “boutique,” feel: small enough to be intimate, yet large enough to provide an effective and exciting workout.

“At a larger gym, you end up having to motivate yourself most of the time,” Reid said. “We have some awesome instructors with great lighting and music. Yes, cycling is work – what workout isn’t? – but our atmosphere is the utmost in motivation.”

Indeed, Societe has a cutting-edge audio/video system and LED theatrical lighting, complete with a 113-inch video screen. It offers Performance IQ-real-time performance tracking, men’s and women’s locker rooms complete with showers and full amenities, and much more.

Becoming a member at Societe Indoor Cycling is as simple as going to its website (see web address below), registering and signing up for classes. You can get monthly memberships for as little as $69 per month, or you can opt for 5-, 10-, or 20-pack, which can be used for classes over a longer period of time. Societe is open seven days a week.

It is important to note that everything must be done on the Societe website – signup and registration – and all cycling is done in a pre-registered class format.

“We find that’s the best way to do it, it’s very efficient, yet very fluid,” Reid said. “They can even pick out the bike they want to ride – the exact spot in the studio – when they sign up online.

“We recommend new clients come in about 15 minutes early so we can fit them to their bike, and show them around the place,” Reid said. “We want everyone as comfortable as possible.”

For more information on Societe Indoor Cycling, 2121 Oak Valley Drive, Ann Arbor, in the Ice Cube, call 734-926-5373 or visit