There Are 104 Ways To Make an Impact on the World While a Student at Michigan Ross

From Michigan Ross 

We’re not kidding around when it comes to impact. 

At Michigan Ross, we fundamentally believe business can and should make the world a better place.

Our Business+Impact initiative is just one embodiment of this commitment, and it serves as a gateway to the many, many activities and opportunities that we’ve been developing for years.

You can explore the Business+Impact Gateway to get a deeper look at how to get involved in social impact work at Michigan Ross.

And listed here, in no particular order, are more than 100 social impact-themed programs, clubs, action-based activities, and classes for you to explore as well.

With so many opportunities to make an impact, we probably missed something. So drop us a line in the comments to let us know, and we’ll add it in.

Check out the 104 ways HERE