U-M Health: COVID and the Heart

By Johanna Younghans / U-M Health

Frankel Cardiovascular Center specialists at Michigan Medicine know all too well about the worry and constant discussions swirling around about COVID-19 and the heart.

But the biggest discussion points related to the COVID-19 pandemic today? Nicole Bhave, M.D., a cardiologist and echocardiographer, says although the situation has evolved over time “the diverse spectrum of ways COVID can affect the heart; not only during the acute illness, but also during the recovery period,” remains a hot topic.

And Geoffrey Barnes, M.D., M.Sc., a cardiologist and vascular medicine expert, agrees, saying blood clots have also been a top concern, with patients often calling with questions about it.

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“Am I going to get a blood clot if I get COVID or if I take the COVID vaccine? If do have a blood clot, what am I supposed to do to treat it or what do I do to prevent it? If I take blood thinners for one reason is it safe to take the vaccine or what’s it going to mean for me if I get COVID?” says Barnes. “Those are a lot of the questions I tend to hear from my patients, and [questions] that my colleagues and I are discussing.”

In a recent Facebook live stream, posted above, both Barnes and Bhave address what to know about the virus’s effects on the heart and blood vessels and what they want current heart patients to be aware of in terms of the virus and the COVID-19 vaccines.

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