Updated Recycle Cart Stickers Being Distributed for Single-family Homes in Ann Arbor

​Recycling continues to evolve, and the City of Ann Arbor, historically a leader in the field, is responding by issuing updated cart stickers to reflect new recycling standards. This, along with the opening of the new Materials Recovery Facility in December 2021, will help keep Ann Arbor recycling operating efficiently. The new stickers focus on recycling changes to scrap metal, plastic and shredded paper. Specifically, scrap metal and shredded paper are NO longer accepted in curbside cart recycling but may be recycled at the Drop-Off-Station.

The only plastics now accepted curbside are rinsed and dry plastic bottles, tubs and containers, specifically #1, #2 and #5 plastics.

In order to have this updated information reflected on curbside recycling carts, the city has hired LeadPoint to put new stickers on single-family recycling carts. This re-stickering will take place June 27–July 1. Residents should place carts out during this week, even if service isn’t required, so that the new stickers can be placed on carts. Staff will be wearing high-visibility vests.