Video: Mainstreet’s Executive Chef Brent Courson presents The Chef Experience

Mainstreet Ventures Restaurant Group is cooking up an exciting evening and all you have to do is, well, the cooking – and eating. Mainstreet’s Executive Chef Brent Courson has prepared, for your preparation, an exciting and delicious meal that you get to cook in your own kitchen with a little help from the chef.

“The goal is to inspire those home cooks and help take their expertise up a notch, and my goal as a chef is to help people cook better and eat better,” Courson says.

The Chef Experience is basically where the coach (Courson) gives you the play and you have to execute it. The result is a winning meal that you can enjoy even more knowing that you were the one who cooked it up.

The Chef Experience “Seafood Edition” is a virtual cook-at-home adventure prepared and directed by Courson, who provides detailed video instructions on how to prepare and produce an incredible three-course seafood meal from the comfort and warmth of your own home. It includes an instructional link, two secret signature cocktails, all the ingredients to produce an amazing three-course dinner for two and one bottle of wine. The menu features Chile lime shrimp for the appetizer, butter basted salmon for the entrée and mini cream puffs for the dessert.


Courson says that during these challenging times they’ve been trying to find ways to connect with people and come up some new and exciting ways to create and deliver the same high-quality food people have come to expect from Mainstreet Ventures awesome restaurants. The take-out dinner packages have been very successful and many folks have returned to the restaurants when they reopened. This is just another creative way to present and prepare these exciting meals!

“There are still people who are not dining out as much or as often so we wanted to put together a restaurant-quality dinner that we package together with our great resources and high-quality ingredients and let them prepare it in a fun way in their very own kitchen,” says Courson. “They get a three-course meal with a bottle of wine along with the instructional video for a complete and fun experience in the safety of their own home.

“We are very excited about the quality of the meal and have done a few tests and donated a few to charity and have gotten tremendous feedback so far. So we are very excited about this and think our guests will really enjoy it.”

One of those early tests included a few couples doing it together via zoom – fantastic idea. According to our sources, the four couples turned it into a  fun competition that included a few friendly jokes along the way with plenty of laughs and smiles. It was a virtual couples date night!

Courson says the fish will be flown in fresh that day (Sept. 3) and packaged and cut, and there will be semi-prepared foods included that will help the guest execute this dinner to perfection. There will be an instructional video and directions to help the guest prepare this three-course meal.

“We will include paper recipes as well so if they want to recreate these in the future they will have the directions to make that happen,” he says.

The cost is $125 and guests must order by Sept. 6. Call 888-456-DINE. Package pickup will be Sept. 10 at Real Seafood Co. While there is no time limit on when to prepare the meal, chef Courson suggests, “the earlier, the fresher.”

The video run time is 48 minutes but there will be times when guests will have to hit the pause button on chef Brent.

“It’s go at your own speed, but it’s anywhere between 90 minutes and two hours for these three courses,” Courson says. “We’ve gotten really good feedback from couples who have done this together. It’s a fun time in the kitchen.”

Mainstreet Ventures Restaurant Group owns and operates several of Ann Arbor’s best and most established restaurants including The Chop House, Carson’s American Bistro, Real Seafood Company, Palio and Gratzi.

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