Washtenaw County releases Voter Education Video Series for 2020 elections

The Washtenaw County Clerk/Register’s office is pleased to announce the release of “How to Vote in Michigan”, a  four-part, nonpartisan video series designed to educate voters about Michigan registration and voting processes.

The series is aimed at educating 1st-time voters who are new to the voting process but is useful to all. The series explains new voter registration and “no-reason” Absentee Voter Ballot options that are available to voters in Washtenaw County and throughout the state.

Each video presents factual, nonpartisan information about the voting process in a fun, engaging way. The videos are concise and designed to be shared via social media.

They discuss:

How to Register to Vote

How to Prepare to Vote

How to Vote Early by Absentee Ballot

How to Vote on Election Day

FaceBook versions (best for sharing within FB):
How to Register – https://www.facebook.com/ClerkRegister/videos/472665630092123/

How to Prepare to Vote – https://www.facebook.com/ClerkRegister/videos/617822782094639/

How to Vote Early by Absentee Ballot – https://www.facebook.com/ClerkRegister/videos/470348693631781/

How to Vote on Election Day –https://www.facebook.com/ClerkRegister/videos/484991225550707/

The “How to Vote in Michigan” video series can also be found on the County Elections Division website.

The goal of the series is to encourage participation in the upcoming elections by explaining the essentials of how to register to vote, cast a ballot, and make informed decisions. The series was originally released in 2018 and has been updated to reflect Michigan voters’ expanded rights, including Election Day voter registration and “no-reason” Absentee Voting, that resulted from the adoption of Proposal 18-3 in 2018.

“We encourage everyone to share this video series with new and existing voters prior to the upcoming March 10th Presidential Primary”, suggests Washtenaw County Clerk, Lawrence Kestenbaum.  “Our office will continue our promotion efforts throughout the year with a goal of reaching a wide audience within and outside Washtenaw County.”

“We are actively promoting the series through County social media platforms, websites, and with the organizations we partner with in conducting election activities.  We’re eager to spread the word about the many new rights voters have. Voting in Michigan has never been more convenient.” explains Ed Golembiewski, Washtenaw County Director of Elections.

Michigan voters adopted Proposal 18-3 in November, 2018, which amended the state constitution to guarantee expanded voting rights.  These rights and other changes to Michigan law are explained in the video series and include:

(with a valid SOS Driver License/State ID)

  • Voter registration up to and on election day
    • Deadline to register to vote by any means other than in-person at City/Township Clerk is 15th day prior to election
    • Deadline to register to vote in-person at City/Township Clerk is 8pm on Election Day.
    • Voters who register in-person within 14 days can vote an absentee ballot or at polling location
  • “No-reason” absentee voting

(1st time voters can receive an absentee ballot even if they register by mail/registration drive)

The “How to Vote in Michigan” series was developed in partnership between the Washtenaw County Elections Division and a talented group of Washtenaw County community members. It was filmed and directed by a local production team in Ypsilanti, Michigan and features a cast of local actors.

For further information on the video series, or election questions in general, please go to www.washtenaw.org/elections or contact the Washtenaw County Clerk/Register Elections Division at elections@washtenaw.org or 734-222-6730.