What’s On: CTN programming for week of Dec. 1

Comcast Channel 16 & AT&T U-verse Channel 99

  • LIVE City Council Meeting, Monday December 2 at 7[m
  • LIVE Planning Commission Meeting Monday, December 3 at 7pm
  • LIVE Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting, Wednesday, December 4 at 6pm
  • LIVE Greenbelt Advisory Commission Meeting, Thursday, December 5 at 4:30pm
  • LIVE Environmental Commission Meeting, Thursday, December 5 at 7pm
  • NEW Downtown Development Authority Meeting 12/4/19, Saturday, December 7 at 12pm

Meeting agendas are available online  http://a2gov.legistar.com/

Comcast Channel 17

  • Safety Girl Redux, “Naughty & Nice Christmas Jamboree”, Tuesday, 12/3  11 PM

Comcast Channel 18

  • AAPS Superintendent’s Report: October 2019, Sunday, 12/1  8:30 PM
  • Farm to School Month in the AAPS, Sunday, 12/1  9 PM
  • AADL Presents, Michigan Notable Book Author and U of M Professor Sally Howell Discusses Her Book “Old Islam in Detroit: Rediscovering the Muslim American Past, Sunday, 12/1  7:30 PM
  • UCTV: Teachers P.E.T., “People’s Republic of Desire” with Hao Wu, Monday, 12/2  7 PM
  • UCTV: Health and Medicine, Does an Aspirin A Day Keep Cancer Away?, Monday, 12/2  8 PM
  • UCTV: Teachers P.E.T., Global Empowerment Summit 2019: Guiding Lost Youth to a Better Future, Tuesday, 12/3  7 PM
  • UCTV: Teachers P.E.T., Perspectives on Ocean Science: Waves in Global Processes: The Lion and the Mouse, Wednesday, 12/4  7 PM
  • UCTV: Science, Exploring Ethics: Developing Better Batteries: Nano Engineering, Thursday, 12/5  2 PM

Comcast Channel 19

  • Senior Moments, Ann Arbor Musician/Multi-instrumentalist Betsy Beckerman talks about her life and musical activities for seniors and performs in the studio, Sunday, December 1 at 5pm



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