What’s On: CTN programming for week of Feb. 7

Comcast Channel 16 – Government Access and AT&T U-verse Channel 99


  • LIVE City Council Work Session, Monday 2/8 at 7pm
  • LIVE Energy Commission Meeting, Tuesday 2/9 at 6pm
  • LIVE Design Review Board Meeting, Wednesday 2/10 at 3pm
  • LIVE Human Rights Commission Meeting, Wednesday 2/10 at 7pm
  • LIVE Historic District Commission Meeting, Thursday 2/11 at 7pm

Meeting agendas are available online  http://a2gov.legistar.com/


  • Green Room, Doug Reith, Resource Coordinator for the Washtenaw County Conservation District, discusses programs which support the planting of native trees and plants, in order to protect our county’s natural resources, February 2/ 9, 8am
  • FYI – CEO, Yashar Niknafs & Ani Shirvanian, Clinical Operations Manager for LYNX DX, tell us the best and safest way to receive drive thru COVID tests in our area and get some home décor ideas from Motawi Tileworks. Sunday, 2/7 at 6pm

  • NEW Ann Arbor 2021 Sustainability Forum: Food & Food Access: What We Eat and How We Get It, Sunday 2/7 at 8pm

Comcast Channel 17 – Public Access

  • Bethel AME Church: January 31, 2021, Sunday, 2/7 at 12 PM
  • Highlights of Go24GarrettsSpace: A Virtual Fundraiser for Suicide Prevention, Reflections and concluding remarks from the Halperts, Sunday, 2/7 at 7 PM
  • “The Peculiar Beginnings of James Walrod”, music video, Sunday, 1/31 at 9 PM
  • Diocese of Lansing Outreach Mass: February 7, 2021, Monday, 2/8 at 5 PM
  • Planet X, World’s Oceans Day, Wednesday, 2/10 at 7:30 PM
  • Hollywood Makeover, Promoting Film Festivals, Saturday, 2/13 at 4 PM

Comcast Channel 18 – Educational Access

  • AADL Presents, An Interview with Janice Thompson (in partnership with the African American Cultural & Historical Museum), Sunday, 2/7 at 7:30 PM
  • Tepper’s Tots, In the Studio, Monday, 2/8 at 4 PM
  • UCTV: Health and Medicine, No Beam Required! Inside-Out Radiotherapy: HDR Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer; Research on Aging: Making 2021 the Year of Wisdom, Tuesday, 2/9 at 12 PM
  • UCTV: Med Ed Hour, Stem Cell & Gene Therapy: Panel moderated by Matthew Porteus and featuring Tippi Mackenzie, Matthew Spear, and Stephen Gottschalk, Tuesday, 2/9 at 3 PM
  • LIVE: Ann Arbor Board of Education Meeting, Wednesday, 2/10 at 7 PM
  • UCTV: Science, On Beyond: Big Data to Fight Wildfire, Computer Vision, Groundwater Research, A Robot Parade, Thursday, 2/11 at 1:30 PM
  • UCTV: Teachers P.E.T., DeWitt Higgs Memorial Lecture: Climate Justice, Race, and Migration, Thursday, 2/11 at 7 PM
  • Colour in Your Life, Cheryl Bridgart, Saturday, 2/13 at 2 PM
  • AADL Presents Marathon, An Interview with… (in partnership with the African American Cultural & Historical Museum), Saturday, 2/13  5-11:30 PM

Comcast Channel 19 – Community Bulletin Board

  • Community Electronic Bulletin Board  – This is a free of charge, convenient and simple way to promote nonprofit events, announcements. Send messages to ctn@a2gov.org

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