What’s On: CTN programming for week of May 29

Comcast Channel 16 – Government Access and AT&T U-verse Channel 99


  • LIVE Public Art Commission Meeting, Wednesday 6/1 at 7pm
  • LIVE Greenbelt Advisory Commission Meeting, Thursday, 6/2 at 4:30pm
  • LIVE Council of the Commons Meeting, Thursday, 6/3 at 7pm
  • NEW Downtown Development Authority Meeting 6/1/22, Saturday 6/4 at 1pm
  • Independent Community Police Oversight Commission, Friday 6/3 at 8 PM

Meeting agendas are available online  http://a2gov.legistar.com/


  • FYI – Mayor Christopher Taylor gives an update on the 2022 Green Fair, Huron River Day, & the Ann Arbor Airport Pancake Breakfast, Sunday, 5/29 at 6pm

  • Senior Moments, Rich Coleman, Public Safety Community Coordinator of the Pittsfield Township Department of Public Safety discusses scams and frauds targeting seniors, Sunday 5/29 at 5pm

Comcast Channel 17 – Public Access

  • Access Ann Arbor Veterans Marathon, A collection of 12 half-hour programs featuring U.S. veterans from the Ann Arbor area, Sunday, 5/29  & Monday, 5/30  12-3 PM
  • Down to Earth with Harriet Commack, Hope, Sunday, 5/29 at 8 PM
  • Diocese of Lansing Outreach Mass: May 29, 2022, Tuesday, 5/31 at 4 PM

Comcast Channel 18 – Educational Access

  • AAPS Presents: Two Minutes at…, Sunday, 5/29 at 4:40 PM
  • Contemporary Science Issues and Innovations, Dark Energy and the Cosmic Expansion with Arjun Dey, Ph.D., Sunday, 5/29 at 6 PM
  • White House Chronicle, Shawn McCoy. InsideSources & Joe Madison, SiriusXM Radio, Monday, 5/30 at 6 PM
  • UCTV: Health and Medicine, Epilepsy and the Limbic System, Tuesday, 5/31 at 12 PM
  • UCTV: Teachers P.E.T., Beatles Revolutions: I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Tuesday, 5/31 at 7 PM
  • Pioneer High School Graduation 2022, Tuesday, 5/31 at 8 PM
  • Pathways to Success Academic Campus Graduation 2022, Wednesday, 6/1 at 8 PM
  • UCTV: Science, Exploring Ethics: Telling the Story of Science: Creatively Countering Environmental Despair; CARTA: Imagination and Human Origins: Reconstructing the Neanderthal Mind in a Dish with Alysson Muotri; CARTA: Human Origins and Humanity’s Future: Past, Present and Future of the Anthropocene on We Alone: How Humans Have Conquered the Planet and Can Also Save It with David (Johan) Western; CARTA: Human Origins and Humanity’s Future: Past, Present and Future of the Anthropocene on Potential Utopian and Dystopian Futures with Martin Rees, Thursday, 6/2 at 12 PM
  • The Saturday Show, Time Machine, Thursday, 6/2 at 4 PM
  • Huron High School Graduation 2022, Thursday, 6/2 at 7 PM

Comcast Channel 19 – Community Bulletin Board

  • Community Electronic Bulletin Board  – This is a free of charge, convenient and simple way to promote nonprofit events, announcements. Send messages to ctn@a2gov.org

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