WLAA Dishes of Dreams:  Cowboy Steak / The Chop House Ann Arbor

The Cowboy Steak at the Chop House Ann Arbor is a 22 ounce bone-in-ribeye served with asparagus, lobster claws and Béarnaise sauce.

“It’s just one of the staples here,” says Chop House Chef de Cuisine Adam VanBerkum. “There are certain things you are going to find at every steak house but we feel we do ours a little bit better than anywhere else. If I came here looking for that unique and special steak, this is the one I would get.”

The reasons for what makes it special are in the details.

“If you get your prime steak from Costco or Meijer or here, it’s pretty much the same thing when you look at it,” VanBerkum says. “The difference comes when you get to the real specifics of it. Our cattle is grain fed, not grass fed which is really important.

“We also have constant taste tests with our providers to make sure we are getting the best cuts of meat. We hold our providers accountable to guarantee we are getting the absolute best steak. A lot of it comes down also to the little things we do.”

Those little things add up to big things – as in big flavor and a special meal at one of Ann Arbor’s most highly regarded fine-dining restaurants.

“It’s just so beautiful when it comes out right and we make sure it always comes out right,” VanBerkum says.

The Chop House Ann Arbor
322 S Main Street Ann Arbor, MI 48104

General Manager: Sue Burke
Chef de Cuisine: Adam VanBerkum
Phone: (734) 669-8826
Reservations: (888) 456-3463

Chop House Dinner Menu