WLAA Dishes of Dreams: “Filetto di Manzo” – Gratzi of Ann Arbor

The “Filetto di Manzo” was created by Mainstreet Ventures long time Executive Chef Simon Pesusich.  Created in January of 1996, the dish features a grilled filet mignon presented on a stack of portabella mushroom, goat cheese, and beefsteak tomato with roasted shallots, cabernet demi glace, and topped with fried leeks.  The type of potato used for the dish has changed over the years from redskin, to Yukon, to the current fingerling.  The green vegetable as well has gone from green beans, to asparagus, to a combination of asparagus and broccolini. 

What has not changed is the memorable flavor you get from the beautifully cooked steak, tomato, goat cheese, and mushroom with the decadent sauce.  It truly is a dish to dream about and available at Gratzi of Ann Arbor. 

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